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Brand Experience & Design
User Experience
Visual Design

Investing can be difficult. Especially for the novice.

When USAA asked us to rethink their current experience we knew it had to appeal to the novice and the power user. This is a difficult task. It needed to be approachable and robust.

Working together with their team, we redesigned quote pages for Stocks, ETFs and Mutual Funds. We also worked on robust tools like Alerts, Watchlists, Fund Comparison, and Screeners—even supplemental screens like quick quote popups.

Including main pages, workflows, interstitial and edge cases the number of screens neared 200. All screens included up-to-date Morningstar data and trade capabilities. They were built as React modules and delivered to USAA as F2 Apps, allowing control over content and placement.

USAA Stock Markets page design
USAA Investment design kitUSAA Investments Screener options
USAA Investments Quote moduleUSAA Investments Quote modules screens
USAA Investments Fund Compare page designUSAA Investments Quote full page design

Executive Creative Director- Eric Lennert
Creative Director - Julie Ingalsbe

Work done while at IHS Markit

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