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Cleancode is a web-based solution that provides users access with a scan of a QR code. No apps to download, no passwords or personal information to enter. Gain visibility with one single scan.

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Countdown to clean.

Using technology to solve a simple problem.

How does a 30-year-old commercial cleaning company better serve its customers during a pandemic?? They build software to increase transparency and provide real-time data to customers and tenants—all with a simple scan of a QR code.

Building a brand, overnight.

We're solving a simple problem exacerbated by a global pandemic. No biggie.

Make it simple and fun but also easy for Bilingual front-line staff to use in places with poor wifi. Easy.

A few rounds of copy edits, a couple of design sprints, and a photoshoot later and we're stock piled with brand assets and ready for the next phase.

Cleancode Brand Asstets

Make it clean, and simple.

Front-end like magic.

We had a short list of must-haves and what seemed like an even shorter window to get this out to the market. Strike while it's hot, right?

We pushed out a front-end that fit the bill and moved on to how the bill was going to get paid.

Desktop and Mobile Screens

The Brand Hierarchy

Welcome To The Family.

Cleancode is part of a larger software product called Cora, which was Pioneer's main work order system so the two brands are visually part of the same family but Cleancode was first to market, thus needing to lead the charge in terms of marketing and brand awareness.  

Now, make it
all work.

From onboarding users to setting up payments, lots of use cases were explored and narrowed down. Some things we knew we needed like Stripe integrations, and others like service interruptions we navigated along the way.

The nice part about being the only designer at this point was my growing library of design assets which helped us move into the next phase of work.

Onboarding flow

Let's launch this thing.

From Figma to Webflow, with a side of Hubspot.

Nothing captures the leads and drives the needs like knowing what your customers are doing. Putting this all together was like making a well-oiled marketing machine.

Launched and collecting data, we moved on to PR, Email, and Social-hitting all the salient points about our offering.


Development - Ryan FeronsAustin Blackwell
Copywriter - Aaron Sullivan

Work done while at Pioneer

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